Training videos

Finding your story

What is a digital story

This video illustrates what a digital story is and how it is different from a film or animation. We tell you how useful a ‘memory prop’ is.

What is a story circle

This video shows you how to build a story circle, why it is important for listening and sharing possible stories.

Shaping the script

From all the stories you have in your head, from all the images you might use, this video shows you how to work with your material and sculpt it into a short script. ‘Storytelling first’ is our key aim in this video!

Capturing your story


This video details how the pace and tone of your voice helps to create the emotion of the story.

Microphone Techinique

This video clip gives you tips of where to record and how to record a voice, understanding how sound might ‘bounce’ so that you get the optimum sound.

Supporting with images

This video illustrates how you might choose related images to support your narrative.

Role of music

This video covers what music is acceptable to use in your digital story and how to avoid copyright issues.

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