How to support teachers to educate students to diversity?

How to help students to improve their digital competences and, at the same time, civic and social skills?

Digital storytelling is a simple but very effective tool to promote cultural diversity and intercultural skills both in students and in teachers.

The MyStory: Digital Storytelling Toolbox for Diversity Training in Schools third meeting was held in Palermo on 19 and 20 October 2017. The project partners met to share the results obtained so far and plan the next phases of the project.

On the first day, they worked at the CSC office to discuss activities completed at local level, confront the criteria of digital collections collected to be included in the MYSTY site and setting a working plan and deadlines for the coming months.

The next day partners were hosted at Istituto Magistrale “Regina Margherita” where they were welcomed by the pupils and teachers to see some of the videos produced, creating a time for sharing aspects about their families, traditions and culinary habits.

The comparison of activities carried out in the countries involved confirmed that the value of digital storytelling as a tool for sharing and spreading stories about migration and multiculturalism. The partners have created a Pupils Guide for digital storytelling made by students in order to help their peers in the development of digital stories and explaining the main steps to build a successful digital story.

During the summer in partner countries meetings and events were organized to disseminate the project both in universities and in other places of interest; many people believe that it is a very stimulating and innovative methodology, as well as inexpensive and simple.

It has emerged that collaboration between schools, non-profits and universities has been very positive and effective during these months, since the content of the stories perfectly focused on the purpose of presenting the diversity and experience of the other through the use of storytelling digital.

It was also an opportunity to coordinate the partnership’s work with a view to achieving the next project objectives.

The next meeting will take place in Budapest from 19 to 20 April 2018.

MYSTY is funded by the Erasmus + program – Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships Schools and aims to create innovative tools for pupils and teachers – specifically, digital storytelling – to share and introduce such teaching practice to enhance awareness on diversity within the school environment.