Storytelling toolbox

MYSTY seeks to bring the participating organizations together to develop and share practice, in order to produce resources that other schools can use. This will enable teachers across the EU to develop a shared understanding of the key issues, which will help them in their practice.

With a network of teachers, media and education academics, and technicians, the main objective of MYSTY project is to create an online resource called the MYSTY Digital Storytelling Toolbox. In order to achieve this overall objective, there are three sub-objectives:

Develop Curriculum Integration Methodologies to support school use of the Toolbox

Create a Pupil Guide for Digital Storytelling to facilitate the creation
of digital stories.


Produce a Collection of Themed Digital Stories for use in school and community settings.


The set of expected results can generate interest, attention and motivation for the “digital generation” students in today’s classrooms. The process can capitalize on the creative talents of students as they begin to research and tell stories of their own as they learn to use the library and the Internet to research rich, deep content while analyzing and synthesizing a wide range of content. In addition, students who participate in the creation of digital stories may develop enhanced communications skills by learning to organize their ideas, ask questions, express opinions, and construct narratives.

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