University of Gloucestershire
The University of Gloucestershire’s Media School is ranked in the Top 10 UK media departments nationally (Guardian League Tables, 2015) and has strong links to industry and cutting edge research. Operating out of a newly built multi-platform Media Centre, its work in film, television, radio, journalism and music is industry accredited and highly reputational. It has 47members of staff, creative, technical and academic, all of whom work alongside each other to create a vibrant and outward facing Media School. Its Funding Office has supported numerous successful European research projects.


Location: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK

Contact person: Abigail Gardner


GIBS (Graz International Bilingual School)
GIBS is a bilingual (German-English) senior school for students aged 10-18. At present the school comprises more than 620 students and over 50 teaching staff as well as French-, English-, and Spanish-speaking co-teachers and administrative staff. The language of instruction is English in the form of “flexible monolingualism”. At GIBS language education plays an important role. Students learn three modern languages and take part in regular student exchanges in Europe, North America and Tunisia. During the first five school years different subjects collaborate on broad projects that supplement language instruction. Between Year 6 and Year 8, the upper level course system ensures the interconnection and deepening of learning material. Students from non-German speaking countries receive instruction in German as a foreign language. At GIBS the word “international” is taken very seriously. Students from over 30 countries are taught and a respectful, open-minded, transcultural attitude and mind-set is valued in the school community. GIBS is a UNESCO school, a Global Action school, has been awarded the European Certificate for Innovation in Languages, the Lörnie Award for innovation in e-learning and is a partner school of Graz University. Presently GIBS is preparing to offer the IB (International Baccalaureate) program parallel to the national school leaving exam.


Location: Georgigasse 85-89, 8020 Graz, Austria

Contact person: Dr Elisabeth PÖLZLEITNER


University of Graz: Department of English and Center for Inter-American Studies

For more than 400 years, the University of Graz has been a major influence on the character and life of the capital of the province of Styria attracting a large number of students. Founded in 1585 as one of the oldest universities in Central Europe, its long academic tradition encompasses a wide range of disciplines. The University of Graz is a public higher education institution with a strong international profile. Close ties with almost 500 universities world-wide form the basis for the mobility of students, faculty, and staff.

The Department of English Studies offers study programmes at the BA, MA and doctoral level, including a teaching degree. It focuses on teaching and researching the literature, culture and language of Anglophone cultures. In the field of literary studies theory of narration, theory of drama, intermediality and postcolonial literatures are prominent research areas. The linguistics section has a strong orientation on pragmatics and discourse in the socio-cultural context next to a strand dealing with first and second language acquisition and a new research focus on phonology. The topics of language and ecology, intercultural communication and critical studies of ideologies and representations (e.g. health discourses) are among the focus areas in the field of discourse studies which employs various methods of text and discourse analysis.

As “the Americas,” are one of the two strategic global focus regions of the University of Graz, the Center for Inter-American Studies (C.IAS) was established by the Rectorate of the University of Graz as a platform for interdisciplinary and inter-regional communication and collaboration in the Americas in 2006 and was officially founded in 2007. By building intra-regional cooperation in international education based on teaching and research, C.IAS creates and pursues new possibilities of collaboration and mobility as well as a wide variety of research projects in the fields of area studies, transnationalism and transregionalism, individual and collective identities, as well as intersectionality and Aging Studies. Focusing on these areas of research, C.IAS aims at re-conceptualizing traditional approaches not only in terms of transnational and transregional perspectives, but also in terms of Euro-American relations. 

Contact persons: 

Prof. Dr. Hermine Penz (Department of English Studies)

Prof. Dr. Roberta Maierhofer (Center for Inter-American Studies)



Location: Graz, Austria

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Hermine Penz, Department of English Studies

Prof. Dr. Roberta Maierhofer, Center for Inter-American Studies


Baross Gábor Általános Iskola Tanulóiért Alapítvány
Our school is 110 years old and easily accessible by public transportations. The institution has 8 grades and about 400 students, two classes in each grade. There is a playground and sport yard, and there are wide corridors and classrooms, two gyms, classrooms with modern educational tools, a library and a canteen. Sport plays a huge role in our school. Our students get basic education in football, aerobics, tennis, chess and fencing. Our English-IT and Tennis-English classes are popular. Teachers use up-to-date IT tools in teaching (interactive board, tablet and Internet) and integrate generative programs in their work. Our art education is also prominent, our choir, handicraft clubs and drama classes work effectively and highly popular among students. We provide possibility to learn instrumental music. All the extant conditions, friendly atmosphere, several school programs and events, our excellent teachers contribute to the fact that our students like going to school. Besides holding the traditional values we apply the modern, efficient educational methods, too.




Location: 1078 Budapest, Hernád u. 42-46. gps koordináták: 47.505894,19.081447

Contact person: Spiesz Ádám


Rogers Foundation for Person-Centred Education
Based on Carl R. Rogers’ thoughts we believe that a person can understand and fulfil him or herself through living, personal experiences and in accepting relationships. Our mission is to ensure this accepting relationship to people, and to have people understand and become conscious about its importance. Also we would like to understand and prevent all barriers against building up these relationships.

As a permanent educational institution we maintain a ’’non-school, called Rogers Academy, where young people looking for an alternative for traditional education can find their place as private learners.

In the last ten years we have implemented more than 50 educational projects in different areas but with common approach: drama pedagogy, arts therapy, free play, game-based learning, emotional intelligence, systems thinking, leisure time pedagogy, talent development, e-learning, sustainability education, human rights and equal opportunities and person-centred organizational development.



Location: Budapest, Hungary

Contact person: Judit Ratz, International project manager

Eva Virag Suhajda, Phd, Professional manager, consultant and researcher


Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci
Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci” is based on the experience of social and educational work carried out by Danilo Dolci and his collaborators, which started in Eastern Sicily back in 1952. The Centre stemmed from the need of offering the local communities a reality committed to practically solve the local problems, developing a creative space in which fostering awareness and bottom-up planning were the center of the action, paving the way for a real change. Since the beginning, the main focus of the Center were non-violent education practices as well as the development of a methodology – the Reciprocal Maieutic Approach – able to ease creative development at school and in the local territory.

At present, Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci” is a non-profit association involving young people and adults, which mainly acts through projects in the educational field carried out in cooperation with schools, universities, institutions, associations and social groups both at local and international level.


Location: Via Roma, 94 – 90133 – Palermo, Italy

Contact Person: Simone Indovina


Istituto Magistrale Statale "Regina Margherita"

Regina Margherita is a secondary school founded in 1876. It is one of the largest schools in Italy for number. There are more than 2000 students. Up until a few decades ago its aim was to train future primary school teachers and it was the oldest and most prestigious in Palermo. Today, after the 2010 state school reform, it has undergone a series of innovations and includes five different lyceums: Human Science, Social Economical, Linguistic, Musical and Dance.

As it is in the heart of the city centre, it is easily reached by students from the entire city, but in particular, because of its reputation, many of our students come from the surrounding towns. In more recent years, the neighborhood in which we operate, a very old and disadvantaged area,   has grown in the number of families from north African, Asian and the Mid-eastern countries, thus giving  us the opportunity to become multicultural centre. Our school has also specialized in teaching the disabled with integrated  curricula and teaching methodology. We proudly host about 60 disabled pupils.      

Our particular concern is the cultural growth of our pupils who in many cases, do not have the same opportunities, therefore we offer, alongside the regular curriculum, a great deal of projects which help our students widen their knowledge and open their minds to the diverse.



Location: Piazzetta Santissimo San Salvatore 1, 90100 Palermo

Contact: Nicolina Ciziceno, Teacher
E-mail: Nicolina Ciziceno

Contact: Rosa De Caro, Teacher
E-mail: Rosa De Caro


St Edward's School
St Edward’s is a Catholic co-educational independent secondary school with around 350 pupils aged between 11 years and 18 years. Pupils are both fee paying and a small number are in receipt of full bursaries to enable them to access independent education. We have a significant number of pupils with Special Educational Needs and a range of International Pupils. Our pupils benefit from small class sizes and we have a strong reputation for maximising the potential of each and every child. We use a wide range of digital technologies in the classroom and the pupils have dedicated ICT lessons in Key Stage 3. A heathy proportion of our students are accepted onto the University course of their choice. We offer a wide and varied programme of extra curricular activities including a very active STEM club, public debating, tours of industry, field trips to Iceland and Rome and a sports tour destined for Sri Lanka this year . Older pupils can embark on expeditions to destinations such as Borneo and Botswana. We are committed to improving the teaching of Cultural Diversity within our curriculum and excited to be involved with the MYSTY project.



Location: Cirencester Road, Cheltenham, GL53 8EY. Located on the East side of Cheltenham at the foot of the Cotswold Hills. Cheltenham is easily accessible from London (within a 2.5 hour drive time). The cities of Birmingham and Bristol are a 1 hour drive away.

Contact: Mrs Pat Clayfield, Headmistress


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