The Project

The MYSTY project provides a means for teachers to share and embed innovative teaching practice to enhance awareness of cultural diversity. At the same time it increases pupils’ cultural awareness and expression and enhance their social and civic competence.

The Objective

MYSTY also supports teacher and pupil digital competence. With a network of teachers, media and education academics, and technicians, the main objective is to create the MYSTY Digital Storytelling Toolbox.

MYSTY has three key impacts:

Participants (pupils and teachers) are encouraged to reappraise their attitude towards minority groups within their peer group. It enables them to reassess prejudice, re-calibrate their views and attitudes towards minority groups and re-educate them in diversity matters.


Teachers embrace new/digital media technologies and pupils realize the educational potential for technologies associated primarily for leisure, so affording a connection for effective and fun learning.

MYSTY enables minority groups to share and spread their migration experience to other communities, groups, schools and civic organizations.

The Results

MYSTY seeks to bring the participating organizations together to develop and share practice, in order to produce resources that other schools can use. This enables teachers across the EU to develop a shared understanding of the key issues, which helps them in their practice.  With a network of teachers, media and education academics, and technicians, the main objective of MYSTY project is to create an online resource called the MYSTY Digital Storytelling Toolbox. In order to achieve this overall objective, there are three sub-objectives:

Training videos

The first stage, involves the development of methods of how to integrate the MYSTY resources into the school curriculum formally or informally as required. It involves an assessment of current practice, an assessment of different ways of using the MYSTY resources, and digital training for teachers. The result of this activity is the Curriculum Integration Methodologies


Guides for Digital Storytelling

The Guides for Digital Storytelling enable pupils, with the support of teachers, to collect their digital stories. The guides also are a valuable resource for Project Partners who are also tasked with collecting their own digital stories. The guides include a range of tools and techniques that can be used covering a wide range to improve accessibility and understanding.

Digital stories for inclusion

During the final stage of the Project, the pupils and Partners have used the Guides in order to capture their digital stories. With oversight and support from teachers and Project Partners, the pupils have collected wide range of digital stories for inclusion on the MYSTY Digital Stories section.


For more information

The MYSTY Project is seen as an attempt at the educational level to counteract current fears and open a more personal perspective of Diversity. If you are interested in our activities or you recognize yourself in our values…

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